Monday, June 11, 2012

Upper Back Tattoo Butterfly

Looks great if you focus on the quantity and detail. Collections are properly placed in the middle of a butterfly in flight looks like a great method as a full back piece. You can even use the shoulder as part of the tattoo designs and have them flittering around them. For more talent, using several species of butterflies, so you can add your curiosity piece. A group of blue swallowtail and the king is the heart, brilliant colors and interesting shapes.
Butterfly lower back looks good when using a large butterfly or a butterfly flittering hips or thighs to a large number. If you just want a big butterfly tattoo spanning more discount you are a great choice. Dip in the lower back is good for the natural dip of the wings of butterflies. For some uniqueness, add spark ethnic lines to further enhance the contours of your butterflies.