Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Dream Tattoo Design

A recent survey tells us that 24% of Americans between the ages of 18-50 are tattooed. This is almost 1 in 4. The most popular reason people get tattooed is "To broadcast what they are all about.
Keeping this in mind, many people end up regretting the tattoo that is inked on their body. Most of the time, these people did not take the time to really think about why they choose a particular tattoo and look at other tattoo designs that are available. This is why picking out the right tattoo design from the start is important. Being impulsive has disaster written all over it.
 The removal of offending tattoos is painful and expensive. Learn this lesson now or pay for it later. That is all I am going to say about this!
Here are some suggestions how to get started finding your dream tattoo design:
· Don't shop around for the cheapest studio or artist. Do shop around for the best artist within your driving range. · Why do you want a tattoo? Remember, lovers come and go. Rosie isn't going to like "Kim" emblazoned on your chest.

· A lot of people have tattoos to remember someone who passed away. You can choose a symbol or design that has meaning to them.
· You may have some idea what image is special to you. But don't worry, most people are visual and there are many tattoo design resources to browse to find the tattoo design that you really like.
· Go to your local bookstore and find the tattoo books, design books, theme books and magazines.
· Your local tattoo artist will have a portfolio of tattoo designs to leaf though.
· Check out the web. There are sites that have 1000's of designs to choose from for a small fee. You can print them out and give it to your Tattoo artist.
· Choose the color. · Relax. Think about it a little. Toss it around in your brain for a few days. Be patient.
· Word of caution … Tattoos can direct a negative perception of you during job interviews. So the placement of the tattoo on your body is a good idea.
Good luck getting the dream tattoo design that you want. They say ink acquisition is a way to express yourself to others, but I would also add that getting good body art is going to make you special and unique.