Thursday, June 28, 2012

Everybody Loves Tattoos Since Miami Girls

You likely have at least a vague idea of something you think would be great and now you can make it a tattoo reality! However, finding that perfect tattoo design is a complex process with many considerations and it may take some time to find something that will also result in a great tattoo. So don’t rush it! Many people even make it a point to mull over an idea for months or even years before actually making the leap to permanency. And if you’re still looking for inspiration, it’s sometimes a good idea to trim the fat right from the beginning and think about what you won’t have tattooed. Eliminating possibilities is often a good first step.
There are many ways to search out design reference for your new ink. The Internet has become an easy resource of information and you can find a lot of images that appeal to you — often a myriad of photographs, drawings and animated images that all somehow relate to the tattoo vision you have in your mind. Magazines, books and all other types of media can contribute even further. But, unfortunately, not everything you’re going to find online or at the newsstand can translate into a fantastic tattoo. love tattoos. I know, everybody loves tattoos since Miami Ink and Inked and the biker culture was reignited by guys like Orange County Choppers. (Fun Fact – I did an image of the Lincoln bike for their site years ago.)
But I’ve loved tattoos a lot longer. See, my dad was an Army man and had a tattoo. Lots of his friends had lots more tattoos. I saw them as a way to show pride in accomplishments or as a visual biography.