Saturday, June 16, 2012

Top 5 Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

Hawaiian flower tattoos are becoming very popular. Hawaii is one of those places people dream about going to or living. If you’ve been there, you want to go back. The climate is perfect nearly all the time. The people are beautiful and friendly. It seems natural to want to express that feeling with a tattoo.
The state flower of Hawaii is the hibiscus. Hibiscus come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. If a woman wears a hibiscus behind her ear, she is either saying she is taken or is looking, depending on the ear. Hibiscus petals are only open for a short time during the day. A Hawaiian flower tattoo with hibiscus could symbolize the shortness of life.
If you’ve ever visited Hawaii you have been presented with a lei. Leis are generally made from plumeria. They bloom all year and they have a very sweet scent and a variety of colors. Plumeria can be used as an accent to a tattoo with hibiscus or on its own to signify warmth and welcome.
Hawaiian flower tattoos can be very simple or combined with other elements to make an intricate design. Someone who has visited the island may want a simple reminder of its beauty and get a Hawaiian flower tattoo. On men you might see hibiscus flowers surrounding some tribal art. Hawaii is one of the Polynesian islands and tribal tattooinghas a deep history.
Combining different symbols of the island can make a unique tattoo design. You can combine the plumeria or hibiscus with dolphins, water or waves, surfboards or even beautiful women. Plumeria and hibiscus are not the only flowers that can be used in Hawaiian flower tattoos. Hawaii is full of gorgeous flowers such as the lily, orchid and rose. All of these can be used to make a beautiful tattoo.