Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wedding Rings Tattoo

A tattooed wedding ring is a representative of solidity and commitment, a testament to love and a reminder for your responsibility as a wife. The tattooed wedding ring will say that you trust enough in the relationship to have a permanent symbol of it on your body. There are so many reasons to choose this type of wedding ring.
Adventurous couples choose tattooed wedding rings, as they are ever lasting. The permanence of a tattoo is a powerful symbol and reminder to persevere, and work things out. Some people go for tattooed wedding rings just to be modern or different from others. Some people opt for these type wedding rings as a placeholder until they can afford a real ring. Some others rebel against actual rings altogether, using tattoos as an alternative in lieu of diamond rings.
Still others choose tattooed rings as in their working place a real ring would be spoiled. When people are allergic to metals, they go for tattooed rings. Although the practice has been around for centuries, it has come again as trendy now.