Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Writing Tattoos and Warriors

It seems that there is a growing trend in some circles to select a warrior image as a tattoo and then add some motivational saying under the image. Most of the time, the two are not in any way related and can look a bit odd. An example would be to have a vicious warrior with Mum and Dad underneath or some poem like Love You Forever as the writing tattoo.Now I am sure you can see this would be a nonsense and totally wrong. Of course for a long time it was only motorcycle gangs, convicts and the odd local neighbourhood gangs who would use the image of warriors as a tattoo. This of course would be to show their allegiance to the gang and confirm membership, perhaps the warrior was as a symbol of their fierce nature and their belonging to a "tribe" of sorts. This would be their mark and the only writing would be the name of the gang for the most part. Now however it has become popular for all to consider a stunning warrior figure with a motivational quote.