Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top 10 Samoan Tattoos

 Samoan tattoos have been inked for the better part of two thousand years. Samoan tattoo designs are often done in dark brown and black inks and feature very elaborate designs that consist of lines, geometric shapes and sometimes animals. These tattoos are beautiful and very captivating when done by a skilled artist.
Traditionally, Samoan tattoos were inked as a rite of passage for young men on Samoa and involved a process that was labor intensive and very painful. These initial Samoan tattoos were often inked using a sharp stick and a hammer.
 The ink, which was often taken from various forms of sea life, was painstakingly pounded into the skin of the recipient one drop at a time. The pain associated with this process was often described as being very intense.
Nowadays, people can get Samoan tattoos in the relative comfort and safety of their local tattoo parlor. Just about every tattoo parlor in the world offers these Samoan tattoos and the flash for many of these designs can be easily purchased. If your looking for a traditional tattoo that has a little bit of attitude, then a Samoan tattoo might be exactly what you have been search for in a tattoo design.