Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Taurus Tattoos

Taurus is a bull. It is one of the twelve signs in Western astrology. It is in fact the second sign in the hierarchy. April 21 up to May 21 are the birth dates that fall under this particular astrological sign. For those who are looking for this kind of tattoo designs, Taurus tattoos are easily recognizable. They could carry the image of a bull, or an image of the constellation of stars that form Taurus in the night sky. Other Taurus symbols that could be incorporated in a tattoo are the color pink and an image of its star stone, which is the emerald. People who have Taurus tattoos are sure to have personality traits such as patience, practicality, stability, loyalty, and determination, stubbornness, and strength.

Astrological symbols are one of the favorite designs for skin artists and tattoo enthusiasts. These are acceptable symbols that have a wide appeal for everyone, so that even non-enthusiasts of tattooing can appreciate them. Astrological symbols are a safe image to choose for a first tattoo. There is no danger of it being too commonplace, as there are a hundred different ways that a skin artist can render the image of the bull. If you are scanning through a tattoo gallery or checking out a skin artist's portfolio, you might notice the variety of ways that any one image can be interpreted. It is the same way with Taurus tattoos.