Friday, June 22, 2012

WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Video

A baby Sphynx is so ugly that it's cute. Also known as the pedigree Canadian Hairless, this Sphynx kitten is 2 weeks old. Although they appear to be hairless, Sphynx kittens have very fine, short hair that feels like peach fuzz. Their skin is the color that their furry coat would have been, if they had a pelt.
Sphynx owners often dress their cat to help keep it warm and healthy. This breed also needs to be bathed to remain clean. Like a parent might assist their child in putting on a temporary tattoo, some Sphynx owners frequently tattoo their cat.
And then there are the Russian Sphynx breeds with more extreme tattoos and fashions like those below.

WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Video: