Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tribal Skull Tattoo Designs for Women

A lot of people gaze at tattoos as a way to show off, become rugged, or just make a statement. Many of them are trying to express their feelings, lifestyle, or past. Over the years, tattoos have evolved into many unique designs, and they continue to grow and to satisfy the person getting the tattoo. Before getting a tattoo always do your homework to find the tattoo that you want. If you like long thick symmetrical designs, tribal tattoos are perfect for you.The skeleton is most often used to signify death, but there are other interpretations. A skull tattoo design is also a symbol for an underlying, truth, or the overall human condition as said “beneath all of the different skin colors, ethnic variations, etc., the bones remain the same”,
Tribal skull tattoo design Combine the ‘truth’ meaning with the fact that bones last longer than the rest of the body and you get ‘enduring truth.Here we have a skull tattoo designs pictures on our site gallery, Must check the skull tattoos pictures, the skull tattoos for girls are also shown here.
The skull, seperated from the skeleton tattoos with a candle stuck in it, has become a symbol for black magic and the skull combined with books is seen as a symbol for science and/or history. The traditional symbolization of death is a skeleton evil tattoos meanings, carrying a sickle or scythe, hence The Grim Reaper.You can also include other design elements such as flames. Flames can be drawn around the skull. Many tribal skulls are just plain black and white but if you add color to yours that makes it more personal. Thick, dark-colored strokes around the skull look great.

Most women make a skull tattoo more feminine by adding color even flowers, especially roses. If you want a scary or evil-looking skull tattoo, you could add horns to the skull or show a snake rolled around the skull. If you want something detailed, you could get the grim reaper skeleton skull tattoo. Another interesting suggestion would be to get merely a part of skull tattooed and display flames all around it. You can also make two swords underneath the skull. A lot can be done to make the skull look scary. You can darken the eye sockets. You can also use skull design as a piece of a larger tattoo.