Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Risks Of Pregnancy For An Older Woman

Late pregnancy life offers many dangers, particularly the risk of getting pregnant are greater when you are over 35 years. As many more women in business is to focus the majority of risks for each mother and her unborn young. When women with children through their mid-30, or when these people are in their 40s, it becomes difficult for her to care for her child. The risk of pregnancy is much higher when the woman through 35, as opposed to a girl in her late 20s.
The risk of pregnancy by an old WomanSome HML risk of pregnancy are genetic diseases. It has a high calculated risk that the child is the number of Down syndrome or chromosomal abnormalities have a higher incidence among women in the age of 40 years. In such circumstances, the pregnancy week by week surveillance definitely essential to observe the progress of the fetus and the health of the mother. When the pregnancy week by week check is completed, any abnormality can be very easily detected and the formation of movement can take next. In most scenarios where there is the danger of pregnancy-associated abnormalities that are recognized in the developing fetus, the pregnancy is terminated halfway. This conclusion is difficult for parents to do, but sometimes it is inevitable and is the major occupation of the mother and child. There are many different risks of pregnancy over 35, such as diabetes, fibroids, hypertension or high blood pressure.
There are other risks of pregnancy associated with advancing age and is an increased incidence of breast cancer, stillbirths, miscarriages, death of the mother through labor, etc. Once a week week of pregnancy control achieved, it is easy to reduce the chances of miscarriages and stillbirths. Because older women may have a longer working time.
Pregnancy care can also help determine if there are twins or triplets in the womb. If you do it is a common occurrence in late pregnancy. Pregnancy week by week of monitoring should also be improved to avoid C-sections. Late pregnancy will sometimes require the use of forceps during delivery and preeclampsia is another significant risk of delay to get pregnant.
Because of the increased risk of pregnancy and child blood pressure resulting in progress can be arrested and the child may face the stigma and social adjustment problems. When there are more risks of being pregnant, pregnancy, and if you check the follow-up ~} is missing a mother can lead to seizures, liver and kidney complications. The mother may also provide the delivery of preterm infants.
Pregnancy week by week for control could help find problems in the placenta looks like the low-lying placenta, which is a frequent phenomenon in more mature mothers. If you can not stop the passage of nutrition for children to be born. When there is a dietary lack of promotion of the fetus may be affected, and there should be no increased risk of cardiac complications in children. Control of pregnancy increases the likelihood of survival of the mother and child a lot.