Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stupid Tattoos to Avoid

With more and more people getting inked, stupid tattoos are becoming more common. You should always give good, hard thought about the type of design you are going to get. It's actually easy to fall for stupid tattoos because of what seems trendy at the moment, and other factors as well. But here I will reveal 2 stupid tattoos to avoid so you will at least not fall victim to these horrendous tattoo traps.
1. The Chain Link Around The Bicep. If there was a "wall of shame" in tattooing history, it is quite possible that the chain link around the bicep tattoo could rank as number 1. Everyone and their brother seemed to jump on this trend bandwagon at one point. Suddenly it was ultra cool to get a chain inked around your arm. This is the one of the most popular tattoo designs which was completely void of any meaning at all. No one knew why they were getting this ink atrocity on their arms, they just knew it was supposed to be really, really cool. But what they didn't seem to know is that the 90's would eventually end and in the future people would heavily mock these tats.
2. The Drunken Cartoon Character Tattoo. If you've ever seen a crudely drawn cartoon character tattoo on someone, you probably suddenly wondered, "what in the world was this person thinking"? The problem was that they likely weren't thinking. They likely were three sheets to the wind. Drunk as a skunk. Inebriated beyond belief. This is how many of these cartoon creatures end up on human skin. These are highly regrettable ink choices, but even if you get a cartoon character out of free and sober will, everyone will still think you must have been toasted when you made that tattoo decision.