Monday, June 18, 2012

Pregnancy Beauty Tips

Maybe before you were pregnant yet understood, people have commented on the "glow". Pregnancy brings the natural beauty of women, as well as weight gain, and belly up can be frustrating, the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful things that happen to the sexy and your body. And 'less work than ever before to get some shows that have worked anyway! This natural skin glow because your body is working overtime in the production of blood is enough for two. To keep the glow of beauty, it is important to maintain hydration of the skin every day, and exfoliate once or twice a week as well. This increases the natural light and avoid splotchy places to display.

Be sure to keep sunscreen too. His face (and the rest of your body) needs protection from the sun. Not only during pregnancy but is more important than your sensitive skin.
Now, when your body is pregnant, it seems that everyone is on the rise, except that the abdomen. Hair can grow up too fast. Now is the time to form a new haircut (keep in mind when the baby is born in a low-maintenance is the best, but now it's time to have fun). If your hair is long, go bold with a link. This makes the eyes and be careful. If your hair is short, does not take much to make it grow out, so you have fun clips and braids.
When considering a new color, be careful in your choice. Some doctors advise against the color of your hair, because the strong chemicals can be absorbed through the skin. It is more appropriate to highlight your hair and the color does not touch your scalp. Another option would be to use a vegetable-based dye, which has fewer chemicals than the old types.
Your breasts will also grow, and your bust line may be a new source of attraction. If we have not used necklines, choose something that shows a little cleavage. Make sure you have a well-equipped bra lifts the breasts so it is not resting on her pregnant belly. This will make your breasts and belly more attractive.
Ah! Nails are also experiencing rapid growth. It's wonderful, except that the nails are seems faster than the hard varnish. During pregnancy, consider going with a very low light or Polish - or maybe just an amateur to shine. In this way will not be as visible as their nail polish chips.
A natural look is very in style right now. Keep nails short half square edges rounded tip. The nails are stronger than usual and does not chip as easily when you're pregnant.
If you spoil yourself with a manicure, just add a top coat every other day to make it last longer. When you return, you can save money by making a simple change of polishing. It's much cheaper than doing a full manicure, and it's a great way to keep your nail day.
Your belly nice, you might want to emphasize some maternity clothing simple. Your stomach is a fashion statement in itself, so there is no need to buy a dress and crazy strong. Go straight and simple lines. Highlight some beautiful earrings or a scarf to give some awesome clothing.
This means that you have to spend less money on maternity clothes - and believe me. No matter how much you think you need a new outfit the past two weeks, save your money to go shopping after birth. With foundation garments, it is easier to dress when you are tired of wearing the same thing for three months!
Stretch marks are an inevitable consequence of most women during pregnancy. Although some women seem to avoid this problem, which can be complicated in others. There are a number of products, you can use that are good to keep stretch marks at bay. Always read the product to find what works best for you. Palmers Body Butter and bio-oil are two good choices, just make sure to apply religiously once or twice a day. Before starting the show is the best stretch marks, but both products are said to relieve, even if you wait.

Being pregnant is a festival of short duration. Despite all the inevitable evils, pains and physical changes, the body is beautiful because it is a miracle. While taking into account how wonderful it is that your body is designed to create and maintain a small miracle that comes out after a few months. Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy, do not be afraid to feel sexy and beautiful as to show the new baby belly.