Monday, June 11, 2012

Henna Flowers Tattoos

The women wear different flower designs. It was a tradition for weddings and festivities. When celebrities like Madonna and Demi Moore started it, during the late 80′s that it became so popular and then, later it became a fashion rage not just in Great Britain and United States but all throughout the world.
The advantage of a henna tattoo design compared to a permanent one is that it is painless, inexpensive, and the application is so easy that you can make and apply one to yourself. Traditional henna tattoos were normally applied to the hands and feet, but that has changed. They are now applied to visible body parts like the neck, ankles, arms, navel, back, forehead, and toes and fingernails.

Another benefit of a henna flower tattoo design is that you can change it up every month or two. Since they are temporary and not permanent, you can try different flower designs or apply to different places on the body to find what you like. The henna tattoo can last two weeks or two months, depending on how they are applied and taken care of. Find what design and pattern works for you and enjoy.