Saturday, June 9, 2012

Diamond Tattoos

The Guinness Book of World Records list Lucky diamond Rich as an absolute legend when it comes to who is the most tattooed person in the whole world. This Australian (born in New Zealand) is a class all his own. He loves all those seemingly weird stuff (weird for others, normal for him) like chainsaw juggling, unicycling, sword swallowing. If a person is so fond of doing those dangerous stunts, then it is no wonder that he would go and spend at least 1,000 hours to have his body painted. I can't bear imagining the pain that this guy had to go through as hundreds of tattoo artists worked on their masterpiece. Well, art is truly in the eyes of the beholder. What is a precious art to some, may be a worthless junk to somebody.

At first, Lucky Diamond Rich was just content with having colorful tattoo designs all over his body. These designs were inspired by the different cultures all over the world. Just like somebody who is not content with what they have, he decided to change his mind and chose to be painted with black ink all over. Even his eyelids, ears and the delicate skin between his toes were painted with black ink. He made sure that he has got all the bases covered and had his gums painted black as well.
Now that he is covered with black ink, he commissioned tattoo artists to tattoo him with white designs on top of the black. Guess what is next for this absolute legend? Colored designs on top of the white! Yes, you read it correctly. First, all black ink, then white designs, then colored on top of the white. Now if that isn't the true colors of an absolute legend then I don't know what is.