Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Top 20 Bollywood Botox Beauties

Presenting here top 20 cosmetic bollywood beauties.Excuse Me,if I’m sparing some.
Of course all Bollywood actresses are fakely beautiful.Similar to Hollywood, more and more Bollywood stars are turning to plastic surgery.
While others may have naturally beautiful facial features, Actors and actresses are seeking a competitive advantage and likes to increase their overall popularity with the help of cosmetic surgery.
BOTOX has been one procedure which many stars readily admit to.As in Hollywood, it is a taboo to discuss certain plastic surgery procedures.  The most successful Indian actresses are beautiful on any aesthetic standard. Yet, they have some characteristics which retain their true Indian identity.
Plastic surgery is a booming business worldwide and recently developing nations like China and India are breaking records as discretionary incomes rise and more of their population are able to afford cosmetic surgical enhancement.
One segment of India, known as Bollywood for its burgeoning Hindi film industry, is home of a  portion of Indians that have no trouble affording plastic surgery. Perhaps this is why rumors of cosmetic enhancement for these stars are off the charts in direct proportions to the levels we saw only a few years ago in American Hollywood.
More than talent, it is the overall oomph factor of an actress that is responsible to make it big in Indian cinema. To win this personality contests, Bollywood babes just need to pass 1 criteria and that is LOOKS. No wonder, our tinsel town divas looks ever beautiful and oh-so-perfect, even if that means they have to go under the surgeon’s knife to get that perfection.
One very famous Plastic Surgeon claimed that 80% of the Bollywood celebrities get their beautiful looks due to cosmetic surgery.In this article, we have listed top five famous Bollywood celebrities who have gone under the knife.
Knowing the fact that many Bollywood celebrities have taken help of plastic surgery to maintain or enhance their beauty, we will also present here worst faces of Bollywood,whose efforts didn’t work well n turned disastrous. These actresses tried taking help from their respective surgeons in order to add beauty to their looks; however their efforts were all in vain.
The very famous Rakhi Sawant, who is well known for her Asset enhancement, which she had to get rid off during her performance at a reality dance show Nach Baliye 3. Another upcoming actress, Sherlyn Chopra, who has undergone Butt Enhancement. This surgery got her a place in the worst face of Bollywood list, but looks like its not quite helping her bag roles in the industry.
The sweet Juhi Chawla, Kidnap actress Minnisha Lamba and the Bengali Beauty Koena Mitra respectively, all of them have undergone nose job which has not done any good to them as yet.
Ever pondered over your facial features? Perhaps wishing you had more luscious lips like Priyanka Chopra or aristocratic high-crafted cheekbones like Kat? Well, it’s the 21st century and as they say “ anything and everything is possible, all thanks to the ever expanding age of technology!
People of all ages, especially those interested in escaping the facets of ageing, find cosmetic/plastic surgery a personal boon.
Recommended surgery programs helps to acquire the desired body figure within the reach of a common man, all that you have to do is to pay hefty price sometimes. And our leading ladies aren’t far behind.
In an industry where talent is valued higher than looks, unfortunately, in the current age tables have turned and looks have become more important. Despite the obvious cons of attaining such an oh-so-perfect hot body,is undergoing procedures such as Assets Augmentation (Mammoplasty), nose surgery (Rhinoplasty), cheek implants, lip surgery among a few others, actresses are now conquering their dream look.
Let’s take a look at a few of the B-Town divas who drastically altered their facial features and body shape to a look that we as a nation admire and follow today.Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery in Bollywood celebrities is common, after all, face is fortune and assets have to be enhanced.Look at Indian actors, actresses with plastic sugery and botox.India has a host of stars who use botox injections to defy age.
Everyone knows that beauty is the number one requirement to get anywhere in Bollywood, and that star schedules make them age visibly faster, and yet most actresses are embarrassed to admit that they get botox injections.And yet only one has been brave enough to admit it – the one and only Rakhi Sawant who boldly declared using botox and getting many surgeries done to get ahead in Bollywood. Here’s a look, or rather a revelation on which Bollywood actressed use botox. Beware, some may come as real shocks..
Known for their astonishingly beautiful looks, Bollywood actresses are one big asset that the industry has.It doesn’t matter if the beauty is natural or artificial !
When we look at ourselves in the mirrors, all we look at our imperfection. We all wish something or the other. Some wished that their nose was of perfect shape, their cheeks much fuller while others wished that they had the perfect jaw line with the perfect Cupid ’s bow shaped lips or the bee stung lips.
In the tinsel town of Bollywood, actresses just have to call up their doctors to get them repaired.
Michael Jackson was known for his obsession with cosmetic surgeries that brought about drastic changes in his appearance from time to time.Everyone knows that beauty is the number one requirement to get anywhere in Bollywood, and that star schedules make them age visibly faster, and yet most actresses are embarrassed to admit that they get botox injections. Sushmita Sen is yet another actress who reportedly got botox injections.
Definitely almost all bollywood actresses have done it,just like hollywood actresses,where it is almost like a trend.Let’s have a look !
Dharmendra and hema – face lifts
Sridevi-multiple nose jobs
Rekha- skin bleaching and nose job
Aishwarya -botox
Kajol – complexion enhancement,skin bleaching
Shilpa- nose job, lip job
Katrina – nose job, lip job
Kareena – face and chin augmentation, nose job,lip job
Esha Deol- teeth straightening, lip job
Preity Zinta – nose job, teeth straightening, eye surgery
Amrita Rao – breast augmentation.
Kangana- nose, lip, assets
Hema Malini
Hema Malini’s wrinkle free face makes her the most desirable woman across generations.Have you ever wondered why her facial expressions are so clean and visibly prominent,even now at this age?Simple !Botox is the answer! Her firm facial muscles and those pesky faded wrinkles with adorable and feminine smile ,takes center stage. And for that reason, ‘she’s still our dream girl !’
Apart from a good diet, Hema Malini without wrinkles at 60s or even more ,is definitely because of botox .Even the eye area has a subtle lift with temporary fillers. Unlike Rekha, Hema Malini has refrained from total face lift,and she has definitely done some smart work on her face. Now when we talk of dream girls how can we forget our dream girl Hema Malini. It took her surgeon to make her 5 tones fairer and advanced technology to make  her the dream girl of millions. Hail the world of plastics!!! Hema Malini, the all-time ‘Basanti’ from the mega blockbuster, Sholay has gotten some work done as well!
Shabana Azmi
Even Shabana Azmi took botox injections to enhance her beauty. A look at her ‘before’ photo reveals wrinkles that are missing now.
Since Sridevi began her acting career, her light eyes and her laugh has always been the talk of the town.She has been a perfect combination of beauty and talent.So, what made her opt for cosmetic surgery? Apparently, Sridevi was not quite satisfied with her lips hence she decided to get a better shape. The results – she looks even more gorgeous and eternally young. Thou the fact remains she never admitted it.The variation in her different pictures shows us how her facial landscape has changed over the years.Sridevi’s nose job is pretty evident. But neverthless, she looks gorgeous
Madhuri Dixit
Madhuri Dixit’s cosmetic surgery is evident. Eyebags, wrinkles have given way to tight jawline, angular nose and lifted eyes.
Sushmita Sen
The husky voice beauty and Ms.Universe was one of the present line of actresses, who went under the knife for cosmetic surgery.
Unlike other women who do not admit, Sushmita Sen proudly admits about her asset job and the surgical implants she had done to improve her physical appearance.
The actress opted for a surgical asset implant to gain a better physique and that perfect hourglass figure.
Shilpa Shetty
The queen of plastic surgery, Shilpa Shetty can be simply called as  a cosmetic surgery delight.Shilpa Shetty’s has transformed from a gawky earthling to a gorgeous diva.
We all know that Shilpa Shetty was never so breathtakingly beautiful.We can see her transformation from graceless lass to a gorgeous diva.Cosmetic surgery changed the course of her looks and, of course, her initial sinking career. Shilpa Shetty seems have got them all, butt implants, breast implants and a nose job, which is public knowledgeShe worked alot on her body and face.Her slender nose added sharpness to her round face.Shilpa shetty has not only one but two nose jobs done.
So when Shilpa shetty saw herself in the mirror, probably after the movie Tu Khiladi Main Anaari, she thought of going in for a metamorphosis, and then she went under hibernation, which is a holy visit to the plastic surgeons better known as the cosmetic surgeon and voila. We saw an absolute ugly duck turned into a swan story. There is no looking back for her now. Mrs Shilpa shetty Kundra has taken every one’s breath away and still keeps everybody wondering and guessing and she still  looks like a diva despite multiple surgeries.
Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat is competely a plastic surgery product .Mallika Sherawat also stands testimony when you talk about asset augmentation. .For sure, her assets definitely makes it obvious but  her tummy has been also reshaped and made sleeker with the help of cosmetic surgery.
Before Kajol could realise her beauty deficiency,she was already a star by then,well-recognised as an actress..
Born with a silver spoon and brought up in the family of Bollywood stars, this young lady lagged behind in realising that something needs to be done with her upper lip and her nose and ofcourse her complexion,because her acting skills were enough to leave a lifetime mark in the film industry.But finally, She has got it all done now and it’s all apparent.
Karishma Kapoor
When Karisma began her career, she was quoted as the ‘ugly duckling’. Now she’s one the top actresses of her times, thanks to the cosmetic surgery that transformed her into a ravishing beauty queen overnight. She has the attitude, poise and style to make any man week in the knees giving neck-to-neck competition even to the present beauty queens struggling to make their careers in the cut-throat Industry.
Karishma Kapoor had a fairytale makeover.Right from the start of her career, when she looked absolutely down to earth beauty and then a few years down the line, with the movie Raja Hindustani ,we saw the sea change in her.
Not just with her acting style and voice but with her face. It took us some time to fathom who she was.
The miraculous surgery proved to the world that the worlds of plastics can’t just make you look like a dream girl, but can also increase your fan base with all the publicity.
Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor had also gone under the knife for her chiseled jawbone.Why we have a sleek looking Kareena with a sharp jawline.Just because,Kareena Kapoor has done plenty of cosmetic surgery done on her face.Her nose has become sharper and the cheek bones are well defined now. Cellulite has been removed from her lower back to give her a sexy butt. The famous sculpted looking back of kareena is the result of some smart cellulite removal . This is the reason you do not see Kareena Kapoor now with chubby cheeks and baby fat.
Katrina Kaif
Yup Katrina Kaif has cosmetic surgery secrets too that she would possibly never admit.She had Botox treatment on her lips to make it look like bee stung lips.This good collagen work on her lips helped her to bad much beauty appreciation. Even nose job is evident from Katrina Kaif ‘s recent pictures as compared to the earlier ones.
It is always very hard and tough to believe a fact if it is something against “Katrina Kaif” who is the goddess of beauty. But the shocking truth about her beauty and charm is that she has underwent many plastic surgery operations to enhance the appeal and looks of her face. The list of the surgeries that Katrina Kaif underwent includes the names of ‘Rhinoplasty’ i.e. commonly known as the nose job or nose plastic surgery and the ‘Lip Collagen’ commonly known as the lip job or lip plastic surgery. It is believed that the best feature of Katrina’s face are her lips accompanied by her pout which is one of the best in the world and the evidence of this can be clearly seen in her advertisement for Mango Slice. But the bitter truth is that, she underwent the lip surgery to achieve such beautiful lips, she increase the thickness of her lower lip and her amazing pout is also artificial and not natural. Her cute nose is also an outcome of a surgical operation, she reduced the thickness and tip of her nose to give it a more slim look to add to her face beauty. It is really hard to believe this about her, but these are real facts. The so called ‘best natural beauty’ of the world is now no more natural. Though she is very very beautiful and even more better then ever before but those enhancements of her face are fake. Have a look at the before and after photos which reveals the exposed truth and reality about Katrina Kaif’s plastic surgeries.
Bipasha Basu
After bidding goodbye to the modelling world, where size didn’t matter to Bollywood where she is, Bipasha Basu wanted  a voluptuous, fuller look.
There was much controversy around Bipasha Basu who apparently registered herself under a fake name at a botox clinic and then refused to pay the doctor. It is said that Bips has not only got botox injections but also got her cheekbones surgically altered.Bipasha Basu’s silicon based asset augmentation had hogged headlines. She had an ear job done too. It was reported that the doctor who had done cosmetic surgery on her wanted to sue her because she had not paid her for the silicon implants.
She had enhanced her bust line by a good three inches,because in Bollywood size does matter and she has done a South Indian film, where size definitely matters! But there was also a nasty rumor about her plastic surgeon trying to sue Bipasha for 25 lakhs for his job.Then we have Bipasha Basu, the Ajnaabi girl whose Raaz has been unveiled.She has got a nose job, a face job and well the list goes on.
Bipasha the sexy siren has a hot bod to flaunt and the looks to kill but lolz ‘ALL FAKE’. Her surgeon has done a wonderful job and this bomb shell has drove millions of men around the world including John and  Chistiano go crazy n who all wanted to be her Lucky Boy.
Rani Mukherjee
Rani Mukherjee did her nose job.Unlike before, Rani’s nose looks more angular and straight now.Rani Mukherjee’s transforming nose with more angular and straight look goes well with her face now.
Preity Zinta
Even She did go under the knife for a better look.Preity Zinta has taken botox injections.Her face is much sleeker now and she looks much graceful now.Preity has come a long way from the ‘bubbly’ girl than she was.
She has undergone liposuction and face lifts to look sexy and hot, shedding her cute baby faced look. The chubby cute face of Preity in Kya Kehna and Dil Se, and the wholesome pout of hers in Kabhi alwida na kehna, and Preity’s kiss-ready lips has a medical secret-liposuction. Preity also removed the laughter lines which developed after Salaam Namastey.
She has undergone a nose job, brow lift and face structuring and assets implants .The dimpled girl from the B-Town got Liposuction and a few face lifts to shed her plump look, including a lip liposuction. Apparently, she also has various facial fillers and implants to get her current sensuous facial structure. She even got a job done on her laughter lines.Preity can now ditch the baby faced title for a more hot and sexy on.
Indian Premier League team owner Preity Zinta recently wowed the cameras with a new hairdo and a svelte, sensual appearance to promote her latest film ‘Ishq in Paris’.
Zinta’s fresh face was made the focus of attention.
This actress has perfect comedy timing, amazing grace and a forever smiling face which unfortunately and ultimately opted for surgery. But for me, she is the same woman with a lovely persona and ethereal beauty.
Alas! It is said that she experiments with temporary fillers, so her face shape keeps changing. She looks like a cosmetic surgery power-house.
Ayesha Takia
    Ayesha Takia’s changing assets hints at silicon implants .Before surgery, she looked like someone deprived of iron and vitamins
Priyanka Chopra
Since Priyanka Chopra won the Miss World title in 2000, her nose has gradually acquired the slim look.
It is reported that her plastic surgeon had busted out in media about her nose surgery.It’s no more a secret now that Priyanka Chopra has gone through rhinoplasty (Nose Plastic Surgery).Her perfect cupid bow lips and nose is a result of plastic surgery. She has also gone through skin lightening treatments to make her skin fairer.
Kangna Ranaut
Kangna when entered the film industry with “Ganster”, was famous for her “pahadan look”,but very few people knows that her beauty was all artificial.Through cosmetic surgery,Kangna Ranaut’s nose has been given an upturn which looked very cute. Her skin has also improved a lot.She underwent cosmetic surgery that made her nose looks slimmer and her skin tone improved.
She also went ahead for the enhancements of her ‘assets’. She was also seen with fuller lips in her recent movie which can be attributed to the same.Kangna says her bug bitten lips and her big assets are attributed to eating prawns and home-made food. But there are things that u can’t hide Ms.ranaut.
Koena Mitra
Eveyone knows about Koena Mitra’s infamous nosejob.Koena has been a much public and embarrassing outcome of cosmetic surgery.
The process of making her a princess backfired with Koena looking like the evil witch herself. In fact Koena’s beautification surgery gone horribly wrong will probably serve as a deterrent for many who are desirous of going under the knife. She has gone through it all: silicon implants, nose job and lip job. Sadly, the last two backfired and the girl lost a lot of money.The poor girl lost a lot of money on these cosmetic enhancements and has to spend some more to get the much needed changes done.
Lolz now we can darely say..”Koena Mitra knows cosmetic surgery better than films now just due to trials full of errors.”
Minisha Lamba
Minnisha has undergone cosmetic surgery of her nose to get a thin and pointed nose. She had a feeling that her flat nose reduces her beauty and so she thought to go under knife.
Minisha Lamba, who made her debut with the film ‘Yahan’ transformed herself into a bombshell for Kidnap. Though the film didn’t do well, but Minissha got rave reviews for her new look. She was fed up with her girl next door looks and narrowed down her nose for a sexier look. The action did not bring any positive results for her career as she still has only a few films in her kitty.
Shruti Hassan 
Through cosmetic surgery,Shruti Hassan got rid of her Aquiline nose.
Its very rare for Bollywood actresses to admit to cosmetic surgery, but Shruti has gone on records admitting that she did get a nose job.
The actress told a South paper, “I didn’t do it because I thought my nose wasn’t the best. I did it for health purposes.”
The debutante admits she went through a septoplasty because of the displacement of the nasal septum.
The problem caused her problems while breathing and even singing.
Aishwarya Rai
Aishwarya Rai had cheek implants to enhance her cheekbones and her jawline and teeth repaired and even a nose surgery,as soon as she felt her ageing has started.
In an interview given to Filmfare, when asked if whether she had ever undergone cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks, Aish said,“Never. I know there have been rumours that I’ve had my teeth and jawline corrected. But they’re only rumours. Others have opted for these things, I haven’t. I’d rather not start any controversy. Implants, liposuctions and plastic surgery are a matter of personal choice. I can’t comment on what others do. As for me, I’ve only got my enamel bleached. It’s as simple as getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist. See, I’ve never had a pearly white set of teeth. I suffered from a calcium deficiency, which made my teeth look a little stained. So I needed to get them cleaned. I felt my teeth were too big and wanted them corrected. I told the dentist that my face was lopsided and that I had a strange smile. He assured me that my teeth were just fine. According to him, my large teeth broke the symmetry of my mouth and gave my face an interesting dimension. So if my doctor is happy, who am I to complain?”