Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Top 10 Most Popular Tattoo Designs

Tattoo can be a beautiful expression of your personality and getting a tattoo should not be taken lightly. A tattoo is something which lasts for a long time, so it’s better if you do your researches before you decide on which tattoo you want to go for. So check out the designs on the web. Here are some of the top 10 designs which are preferred by many people:
1. Kanji Tattoo: Kanji tattoos are Japanese style tattoo design. Kanji is an ideographic character. Each Kanji character represents an entire idea, object or meaning in a visual way. Kanji is a very popular choice if you want to express various meanings in easy way.
Kanji Tattoo
2. Stars Tattoo: Stars are always popular. It can be either single or series of stars.
Stars Tattoo
3. Kabbalah Tattoo: Kabbalah is the Jewish ancient wisdom. These symbols have become very popular.
Britney Spears Kabbalah Tattoo
4. Ambigram Tattoo: An ambigram is a word which is read in two ways i.e. one in the regular way and the other in backwards. You can be very creative with this font design.
Ambigram Tattoo
5. Dragons Tattoo: Dragons are always popular among the teenagers. It has not changed in the last few years and is still popular till date. This design is mostly chosen by the males or females who wish to express their strength and power.
Dragon Tattoos
6. Celtic Knots Tattoo: Celtic knots are very popular this year. These are very decorative designs that many like.
Celtic Knots Tattoo
7. Fairies Tattoo: Fairies, as usual are always a popular selection. Fairies are usually chosen as a female tattoo, to express a romantic outlook on life.
Fairies Tattoo
8. Flowers Tattoo: A flower, which you feel represents yourself and nicely placed, is a very popular Tattoo. A single flower or a full bunch can be a perfect tattoo.
Flowers Tattoo
9. Animals Tattoo: Picking an animal that you feel represents yourself can be an original Idea and is quite popular this year.
Animals Tattoo
10. Sanskrit Tattoo: Anything in Sanskrit writings is popular. The Sanskrit writing and the Indian philosophy have become extremely popular in the western society.
Sanskrit Tattoo