Monday, June 18, 2012

Sleep During Pregnancy

Each stage of pregnancy is challenging and may interfere with the routine of sleeping in a pregnant woman. You can, however, to combat the problem by following some changes to the normal sleep habits.
* Avoid sleeping on your stomach: stomach Sleeping is not only discomfort during pregnancy, but it is also dangerous for the child.
* Avoid sleeping on your back: Sleep on your back during pregnancy, putting all the weight of the child to develop the back muscles and internal organs may cause back pain, poor digestion and blood pressure problems.
* Sleep on your side, sleep on both sides is the best sleep position during pregnancy. However, sleeping on the left side is the most preferred position, improving blood flow and nutrients to the developing fetus. It also helps the kidneys to effectively drain liquid waste from the body. Switching positions on the left side to right side, or even the back is a completely natural part of sleep. The discomfort caused by lying on your back will wake you up and you can change the position.

* Use pillows support and shock absorption: Lie on your side and put the pillow under your tummy and hips slightly bent knees to provide that extra support. Put a small pillow between your knees and back more comfortable sleep. Full length body pillow designed to support the 'behind the neck and the stomach is the ideal choice to help you sleep better.