Friday, June 1, 2012

Couple Tattoos

The 10 couples tattoo ideas can help you and your significant other pledge your love for the rest of your lives. A creative use of skin art can help you identify yourselves as a couple, and create some interesting conversation pieces when you are in a group. One thing to remember as you look over the list of the best couples tattoo ideas, you can marry someone and have kids with them but a tattoo is forever.

   1. Wedding bands. The idea of tattooing your wedding bands on your fingers is not something Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson created, but the celebrity couple did make it popular when they did it.
   2. Favorite saying. One of the things that people say about couples is that the closest couples can finish each other's sentences. That is why one of the best couples tattoo ideas is to have one member of the couple have the first part of the couple's favorite phrase tattooed on them, and then the second half gets tattooed on the other person.

   3. Ying and Yang. The oriental sign for peace and harmony is the black and white interlocking symbol of Ying and Yang. One person in the couple get the Ying tattoo, and the other person gets the Yang tattoo.
   4. Important dates. Matching tattoos that list important dates in the couple's relationship is a good idea for a couples tattoo. Choose a background such as the family crest or a symbol that is important to the couple, and then list important dates such their wedding date and the birth of children.
   5. Photo tattoos. If you plan on getting a photo tattoo, be sure to get a very good tattoo artist to do the work. The bride can get a tattoo of him and the groom can get a tattoo of her. If the artist is good enough, these can be very nice tattoos.
   6. Heart halves. Each member of the couple gets a half of a heart tattooed on them with the other person's name inside the heart. Make sure the heart halves have a clean line and not a jagged line. A jagged line represents a broken heart.