Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lower Back Tattoo Design Ideas

Lower back tattoos are very popular, and for good reason. The lumbar spine is a good place for a tattoo, because there is a large flat surface is easy to hide if you want, and lower back tattoos are just great. Because it is a big area and there is only one in the lumbar region (hey, you have both, so if the screw that you always have another!) You want to be sure you have the right design before getting a tattoo. Here are some ideas lower back tattoo to get started.
When we look at the tattoos on the lower back the way you want to keep your back in mind and find something that will take the shape of your body. Many people choose designs that dip in the center of the back is a very sexy. If you plan to do something similar some tattoo designs that work well for this are tribal designs, flowers, butterflies and dragonflies.