Monday, May 7, 2012

History of Tattoos in Europe

In the past tattoos were not very popular. People with tattoos were always surrounded by an aura of mystery and crime. This changed a lot over the last years, and by now it is bon ton to have a more or less decent tattoo.
However, only few people know about the history of tattooing. The art of tattooing is almost as old as history itself. Historians found hieroglyphics which prove that already in the time of 2000 years before Christ, humankind performed the first tattoos.
Numerous tribes wanted thereby to express their clanship or their religious creed.
James Cook eventually brought from one of his trips a Polynesian to Europe. This man was tattooed, and therewith this ancient practices was introduced to the Europeans.
At the beginning of the 19th century, the tattooing machine was finally invented. Thus, the process of tattooing was not only made securer, but also clearly more professional.
The machine could be adjusted in such a way, that the needles penetrated the skin equally deep. Therefore, it did not depend on the tattooers´ form on the day anymore, and it was also possible to work even more precise.
All over the world, tattooing has almost a cult status. A lot of people display themselves and their tattoos at any time, thanks to the celebrities in the film and music business.
Today, in the age of enlightenment, almost everybody can do with his body whatever he wants. All the more important is to take your time to find the right studio and the motive which is perfect for you. You´ll find tattoo designs in the studio or in the Internet.
Discuss it with your friends or family and get advice from the employees of the studio of your choice, so that you can really enjoy your new body jewelry.
And remember: a tattoo can not be removed very easily, so think thoroughly about getting a tattoo, and think even more about the kind of tattoo you want, since you will live with it for some time!