Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Girl Foot Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are not for men only. Currently, girl foot tattoo designs are also becoming more and more popular. Legs must be one of the most unique places where you can sport a tattoo. Just like other tattoo though, getting a foot tattoo is a big decision. Here are some important points you should know about foot tattoos.
People may have different reasons for getting a tattoo the feet. You may still not sure though about the feasibility of getting a tattoo the feet. Why the foot into the right place for a tattoo? One major reason for this is that they are not as common as lower back and arm tattoos for women. Although foot tattoos are gradually becoming popular, they are still relatively rare. Getting a foot tattoo will make you feel more unique than other tattooed individuals.
Foot tattoos are also less obvious compared to tattoos on other areas. This is important for some people who want to keep a secret tattoo. You may wish for example to have a tattoo of something significant, but do not want to flash directly to the whole world to see. A foot tattoo would therefore be perfect. You can have a small design that you can show or hide at your own discretion.
Some tattoo artists do not do foot tattoos. This is because there are some hitches to foot tattoos. It is also likely why the foot is not as popular as other tattoo sites. One major concern is that the ink in the tattoo feet tend to spread, spread or blur faster than those on other tattoos. You may have to get your tattoo re-inked more often than other tattoos.

Tattoo on foot are also generally more painful. This is because the leg meat is being close to capillaries and bones. Unless you have not seen anymore, the tattoo is located mostly in areas with lots of meat. This minimizes the pain during the tattoo process. The pain of a foot tattoo can actually exceed the actual process. It should not be a surprise to you if you feel uncomfortable while using your legs.